The 'Most of What You Need' Pack for Fixed & Value Pricing the BFLC Way!


This document sample pack contains the basics to help you implement fixed & value pricing in your firm including-

  • Sample Fixed Fee Agreements and Scoping Documents
  • Samples Letters to Client
  • Sample Fixed Fee Tax Invoice

This package DOES NOT include a sample Costs Agreement.  We recommend you purchase the 'All of What you Need' document pack if you would like to also receive a copy of a sample Costs Agreement in addition to the above documents here.

The electronic documents will be emailed to you within 24hours or receipt of payment. Please do contact us at if you have any difficulties of receiving or downloading the documents. 

All items are GST inclusive.

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Enclosed are the result of our learnings and experience implementing and using fixed fee billings in our practice  Brisbane Family Law Centre, “BFLC”, here in Queensland, Australia. Whilst we are a practice of lawyers, and whilst they were developed initially in conjunction with an external expert engaged (in part) to ensure compliance with jurisdictional requirements relevant to us at the time, we cannot and do not assert their current or future compliance with legal or professional requirements in Queensland or elsewhere. They do not contain legal advice. We provide no warranties, representations or recommendations as to their accuracy or compliance, and expressly exclude ourselves from any liability of any kind should you choose to implement these tools and suggestions. They have been provided as an information tool for you to consider when implementing fixed fee pricing in to your practice. No tool can replace individual legal and professional advice relevant to your circumstances and jurisdiction. Whilst we do not intend to prevent you from creating documents that are similar in nature to the enclosed, we strongly recommend that you obtain your own independent legal and professional advice before implementing these tools or suggestions into your practice. 
Put simply, you can use the enclosed documents as you wish but please check that any documents you use or create yourself comply with the relevant law in your state or territory at the time it is created.

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