Brisbane 12 October Blog Class



Brisbane Friday 12 October 2018

Happiness Hub - 1/10 Albion Road Albion QLD 4010

Parking is limited. 
Located close to Albion train station

So you want to start a Blog? Or perhaps you just want to better understand why any lawyer would! Well this 1 day workshop is for you!

Hands up if you want to start a Blog?  Or perhaps you have one in the works but are not really sure how to make the most of it?  Or perhaps you just want to better understand how 'blogging' could ever help your business- I mean you are a lawyer right?

Well in this day and age of 'online business', SEO and content marketing, fine tuning your online writing skills is essential!  Whether you are a newbie blogger or have been blogging for a while this one day workshop will help you kickstart your writing!

Why a Blog?

In 2013 I by chance googled the phrase 'How to start a blog' and the rest is sort of history!  I registered a website (the one you are reading on now in fact!) called 'The Happy Family Lawyer" with absolutely no understanding of 'blogging' or the world of content marketing.  Fast forward a few years and my simple little blog is now a business.  It is the biggest driver of new work to my law firm and has given me a distinguishable personal brand in an otherwise very busy market.  I have learned through trial, error and a few flukes along the way all of which I will share in this workshop!

When we think of writing as a lawyer, our minds tend to wander to those complicated assignments we last completed years ago at Law School.  But fear not!  I am not suggesting you get stuck into a PHD!  Instead I intend to convince you that by putting your fingers to a keyboard and sharing your knowledge in a simple way you can build a brand, your business or your professional reputation in our industry (and have some fun along the way!).

Writing is not for everyone, but if you do enjoy getting lost in your thoughts then collating those thoughts and publishing them than this one day workshop is for you!

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