The Happy Lawyer Shop - Happy Life Fun Stuff!

It is no secret that I love shopping and beautiful things. So, the 'Happy Lawyer Shop' was born - with a big emphasis on combining the 'fun' and the 'functional' to live your best #lawlife. Come and explore our bedazzled bundles, planners, brooches, keychains, mugs and more! Whether you're looking for yourself, trying to find a gift, or just because - the Happy Life 'Fun Stuff' Shop has it all!


This year our Happy Lawyer Happy Life planners have taken a fun and exciting path! We have two options available for you – one that you can colour in yourself or a coloured set for those of you that would like to be ready to roll! For your convenience, we also have Happy Lawyer planning packs (with a little extra sparkle!)




 If you're on the hunt to spruce up your look, we have TWO brooch series to choose from -

1. Our Signature 'Legally Amazing' Brooch Collection

2. Our 2021 Special 'Celebrating the Cool' Brooch Collection

- As well as our fabulous keychain additions to the 'Celebrating the Cool' series! And don't forget our 'One of those Confetti Lawyers' coffee mugs as the perfect way to celebrate the confetti lawyers in your lives! So come have a look, wish a pal an extra happy birthday, or remind a loved one of how happy they make you!

   Confetti Lawyer Mug


If you have an idea about a Happy Lawyer gift or product you'd like to see, please contact our in-house creative mastermind Sarah here. We're always open to trying new fun and sparkly things!