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It is safe to say that research the world over is showing us that lawyers are ‘unhappy’ in very large numbers. Here in Australia, current research suggests 1 in 3 of us will experience depression at some stage in our careers. That statistic is both overwhelming and very concerning when we consider the future of our profession.

My open and active pursuit of happiness in law came at a time when I was ‘unhappy’, but thankfully I was able to work through it. I have found many articles on why lawyers are ‘unhappy’ but few tell me how we can be happy, while enjoying the profession we all love. I am now helping other lawyers in their own pursuit of happiness in law, and life.

This pursuit has enabled me to develop four key resources which enable lawyers to access not only my learning, but to hear from a range of experts across our field about how they have overcome their own ‘unhappiness’, and lived a happy life while building a career they love.