The Happy Lawyer Shop - For Your Practice

 In 2016 I launched what I like to call my ‘side hustle’ - a venture now known as ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life’ - in response to the growing number of lawyers and other professionals reaching out to me looking for ways of finding ‘Happiness’ in their careers.

Happy Lawyer Happy Life


I have subsequently established a podcast, written a book, created an online course and an online mastermind program “The Club” to provide a complete knowledge centre for lawyers looking to make the best of their lives in and outside of the law. These four key resources of 'Happy Lawyer Happy Life' come together yearly for 'The Retreat'; a legal conference like no other.  

Happy Lawyer Happy Life The ClubHappy Lawyer Happy Life The Podcast   Happy Lawyer Happy Life The Book         Happy Lawyer Happy Life The Course          
In addition to this 'Happy Lawyer' foundation, I also offer a large variety of online workshops and courses, professional coaching, educational webinars, informative document packs and all sorts of fun extras for you to live your best #lawland life! Gain CPD points and develop valuable legal skills for any stage of your career.      

 I am a lawyer who is just like you- I have worked hard to get where I am and want to ensure that I can stay in this profession for many years to come but have a great life with my family and friends along the way.

If you're looking to become happier in law, happier in life and pick up some amazing tips and tricks on the way, come and join 'The Club' and explore Happy Lawyer Happy Life as I take you through the tools you will need to become a Happier Lawyer.