Business Coaching with Clarissa Rayward


Owning or running your own law firm comes with it’s joys and it’s challenges. When we first open the doors we are excited at the prospect of doing things ‘our way’. What often follows is that the day-to-day operations of running a business get in the way and slow down the business trajectory.

Getting clarity on what needs to be prioritised can be difficult when all the responsibilities fall on you. Clarity and progress come from working through the obstacles as they arise with the help of someone who has walked the path before you. To have them listen to your needs, share their experiences and guide and support you on the journey towards the business you imagine.

After 12+ years of owning and operating her own law firm in Brisbane and from speaking to fellow business owners in ‘law land’, Clarissa has identified the common issues that we all experience in our businesses. Building a business or personal brand, bringing on team members, budgeting, social media marketing, networking, time management and everyday ‘growing pains’ can be avoided or alleviated with support and guidance on ways to overcome them.

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Below you can choose a time frame that best fits your needs. Clarissa offers 1-on-1 coaching session and coaching packages as short as three months through to 12 months.