Positive Parenting After Separation Webinar

Positive Parenting After Separation Webinar

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Positive Parenting After Separation 

10 Tips to Build Better Relationships (even when it seems impossible)

Parenting at the best of times is one of life’s most difficult jobs, despite the joys that children bring to all of our lives.

Parenting after separation adds a whole new challenge for even the best parents.

In this online recorded webinar, I will share with you 10 tools and tips that I have seen can make a big difference in building positive co-parenting relationships, even in the most difficult circumstances.

This webinar is not intended to be legal advice and you should obtain independent legal advice from a qualified professional. 

If you would like advice on any family law situation, you can contact Clarissa at Brisbane Family Law Centre on 3862 1955 or via our website here.  You might also find my book “Splitsville-How to separate, stay out of Court and stay friends” helpful to you at this time. ”

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