So you think you are going to Court Webinar

So you think you are going to Court Webinar

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So you think you are going to Court!

10 helpful tips on appearing in the Family Law Courts- whether you are representing yourself or have a lawyer assisting you.

Join me live Tuesday 17 July at 11am for the next webinar in my divorce workshop series.

Appearing in the Family Courts is not an easy thing for even the most experienced family lawyer, and I can only imagine it is an incredibly daunting experience for someone acting on their own behalf and being faced with a decision that may or may not be in their favour but that relates to often their most prized possessions or more importantly their children.

If you have found yourself before the Family Courts or are considering this option then these 10 tips will help you.

This webinar is not intended to be legal advice and you should obtain independent legal advice from a qualified professional. 

If you would like advice on any family law situation, you can contact me at Brisbane Family Law Centre on 3862 1955 or via our website here.  You might also find my book “Splitsville-How to separate, stay out of Court and stay friends” helpful to you at this time. ”

Missed out on my last webinar? You can join me live for my next one here-